February 25, 2010


I purchased at least one print for the studio.

It’s not even one of the ones I was trying to decide between, I just happened upon it. But, I’m so glad I did because I just love it!

It’s called Schismata and it’s by Justice of  Photosynthetic on Etsy, a wonderfully talented photographer from Ipswich in the UK.

The description and inspiration Justice used helped to seal the deal for me.

“Another study of a man-made surface in a state of decay and deterioration under the forces of nature, ‘Schismata’ is dilapidated paint on steel, corrosion, a lichen bloom…geometric and organic in counterpoint. Striation, erosion, disintegration, reconstruction, protection, addition…and the process of destruction over which we ultimately have no control.”

Now I must go find the perfect place for it!

{ image credit: http://www.etsy.com/people/Photosynthetic }

One response to “Finally…”

  1. niamh says:

    It’s beautiful! So hard to balance finances and wanting to buy great stuff:)

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