August 18, 2010

Snail Mail

Lookie what I got in the post today!

- Hello Squirrel Folded Note Cards -

- Curry Blossom Note Card Set -

- Personalized Initial Stationery Set w/Linen Folio -

They all come from the beautifully talented Stacy at

Inkspot Workshop

Now I’m all set to catch up on my correspondence!

2 responses to “Snail Mail”

  1. Carrie says:

    Ohhh I have 4 penpals already but if you’re sending out those beauties I could make room for 1 more, hehehe. Beautiful!

  2. Yay! :) I love getting paper in the mail..he he. I’m a card berd and always grab a few handmade ones when I can to use over the year. :) Have fun with your new stationery!

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