April 27, 2013

BSBP 2013 Reveal!!

You may be thinking I am a little late, but I’m not. My reveal date got pushed back a bit, which was entirely fine as I’m always accepting of more time.

So… today is the day! Yay!

If you don’t remember what I was working with, see this post.

I decided to use the Amazonite focal, Aquamarine rounds, Rose Quartz tubes, silver spacers and of course, the gorgeous clasp that was in my soup.

I added another Rose Quartz focal, some peachy Pink Biwa Pearls, chain, Pink waxed linen thread and Sterling Silver (used to be clasp) bail, from my own stash.

And voila!








I have always loved pale blue, pink and grey/silver together. It is such a calming and soothing colour combination. I was also really excited to use up that Silver spiral piece. It was half of a clasp, I don’t know what happened to the other half. HA! So, I just riveted it together and made a bail! I really like it.




I had a lot of fun working with this soup! I have to thank Andra again for sending me such lovely things to work with and of course, Mrs. Lori Anderson for putting this whole thing together. It is a huge undertaking organising this many people, I’m sure. She is amazing!

Now, be sure to stop by Lori’s blog for the full list of participants and show your support for all of the amazingly talented crafty folk taking part!

Thanks to you as well for stopping by to check out my reveal!

38 responses to “BSBP 2013 Reveal!!”

  1. Rach (admin) says:

    :) thank you, Marjolein!

  2. Brandi says:

    That is absolutely stunning, Rach!

  3. Andra says:

    Wow, rachel! I’m inlove with your necklace, it’s so gorgeaus!! I couldn’t expect less, your work is simply amazing, stunning, fabulous!! You are very creative and I love the free spirit you put in them!!
    This necklace is a perfect combination of materials, shapes and colors! I also find pale blue an rose a perfect match with silver tones!! Lovely, the Biwa pearls are the perfect detail of this necklace!! It looks so airy, dreamy, free!!
    Congratulations! I hope you will find a perfect place for the other beads as well!In the future I will be following you and your work, I love everything you make, your style is !!!
    Thank you for everything!!

  4. Susie Hibdon says:

    Love it…completely, simple elegance! Fabulous Job & such a yummy soup!

  5. Rach (admin) says:

    Andra! Thank you. :) I am so glad you like it! I will definitely be using the other beads! I did hope to make more than one piece, it just didn’t work out.
    I am so happy to have met you through this! :) And again, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the necklace you made! I can’t stop thinking about it. lol It’s so amazing.

  6. Kelley Fogle says:

    So elegant, light, and pretty! Gorgeous!

  7. Ann says:

    Very pretty with such soft feminine colors. Love it, makes me think of summer at the beach.

  8. kathy stemke says:

    lovely light necklace.

  9. Lyn Foley says:

    Very nice, clean, and fresh. Nice photos too.

  10. Rach (admin) says:

    Thanks, all! Yes, exactly what I was thinking! Summer at the beach. :)

  11. Nan Smith says:

    Beautiful necklace….I love the colours and design. You are very talented and have a great style. One of the best of BSBP7!

  12. Rach (admin) says:

    Thanks so much, Nan!

  13. says:

    beautiful necklace, I love the soft color palette and the design. very delicate and feminine, just perfect.
    ciao dall’ Italia

  14. Beautiful and elegant necklace in pastel tones. So right for Spring.

  15. Rach (admin) says:

    Thanks so much, all! :)

  16. coffeeaddict says:

    Amazing necklace! I love the added silver bail/pendant, it really ties the components together adding that oomph factor. Gorgeous, gorgeous…

  17. bailaora says:

    very elegant and delicate projects!congrats!

  18. Lisa Boucher says:

    Very creative and attractive design! Fabulous job with your soup!

  19. JuLee says:

    Unique use of the clasp. Love the necklace – so feminine.

  20. JuLee says:

    Love the necklace – so feminine. Unique use of the clasp.

  21. Silvia says:

    It’s an amazing necklace, an exquisite composition

  22. Penny says:

    Your necklace works perfectly. Such subtle beauty.

  23. Rach (admin) says:

    thanks so much, everyone!

  24. Silke says:

    Love this very feminine necklace. Very nice design. The colors are Spring.

  25. Adlinah says:

    A very feminine, pretty necklace. Perfect for Spring!

  26. Rach (admin) says:

    thanks so much, everyone!! :)

  27. Michi says:

    Lovely necklace, Rachel! I love the pastel colours – just perfect for spring!

  28. Terri G. says:

    I simply adore this necklace! Fantastic!

  29. Beautiful summer necklace…elegant and soft.

  30. Patty Johnson says:

    Very pretty! You did a nice job with your soup!

  31. Rachel your necklace is so feminine and pretty. I like the colors you chose to use from your soup. Using that part of the clasp as a bail was the perfect accent.
    P.S. If my second son had been a girl he would have been Rachel.

  32. Rach (admin) says:

    thank you all so much! :)
    and aw, Becky. My mother told me if I had been a boy, I would have been named Ben. lol

  33. christine says:

    Your necklace is lovely and so feminine!!

  34. CraftyHope says:

    Your necklace is stunning, delicate, and feminine. It’s a beautiful piece. Well done. :)

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