A Lovely Union

January 16, 2010

One of  my favourite artists Yellena James recently teamed up with Schoolhouse Electric Co. to create these stunning works of art.

I will take one of each please!

Read more from Yellena about the collaboration on her blog here.

{ photos: http://www.schoolhouseelectric.com/ }

Artist Spot – Kathryn Dart

August 18, 2009

While going through my to-do list today, I noticed that I am still in need of several things if I am to attempt the one thing I’m really dying to try… encaustic painting.

I got my paints quite a while ago from this fabulous Etsy seller, Jaime Ribisi, who herself is a very talented and successful encaustic artist deserving of a post all her own. They are handmade, wonderful quality and in beautiful colours. I got my heatgun, brushes, tools, a few other basic things. But, I can’t for the life of me find an electric griddle pan anywhere on this stupid island. A used one, preferably. Anyone?

Anywho, it got me browsing encaustic artists and that is how I came upon Kathryn Dart, aka kbean on Etsy, and then I said to myself, “self, she would be perfect for your Artist Spot post”.


I just adore the depth and texture you get with wax. Oh please someone find me a griddle pan.

Just a minute… in July

July 23, 2009

Ponderosa birdsong by Julie Kaye

Ponderosa birdsong by Julie Kaye

Watching… True Blood and Whale Wars are my staples at the moment. I watch a  lot of movies too.

Making… well jewelry, of course. And soon this serving tray. :)

Listening… to my kitty cackle at the birds outside.

Drinking… still… probably too much coffee and not enough water.

Wanting… a proper desk.

Trying… to find my energy, again.

Play along?  :)

Artist Spot – Helena Emmans: Beautiful, nature inspired Sterling Silver handcrafted jewelry

July 16, 2009

Helena Emmans resides on the Isle of Skye in Scotland and graduated from the Glasgow School of Art with a B.A (Hons) in Design. She says she is inspired by delicate geometric elements found in dandelion clocks, poppy heads and other fragile botanical structures found around where she lives and likes to fuse stylish wear-ability with delicate detailing.

- Silver Stalk Ring -

– Silver Stalk Ring –

Silver Cluster Bud Ring

– Silver Cluster Bud Ring –

- Silver Dandelion Spores Brooch -

– Silver Dandelion Spores Brooch –

I think she has accomplished this beautifully.

Artist Spotlight – Jennifer Lommers

May 23, 2009

Two Goldfinch Found

Two Goldfinch Found

The Arrival of Spring

The Arrival of Spring

Four Lemons

Four Lemons

I love her use of colours. Especially on this cloudy, dreary day here in Ireland. Click the images for more of her work or to purchase a print for yourself from her online shop.

[ all images property of Jennifer Lommers]

Alicia – Handmade Jewellery from Cork, Ireland

May 20, 2009

Last night while googling “handmade jewellery” in Ireland I came across this truly talented artist based in Cork, Ireland. Her name is Alicia Mannix and she is a metal artist, but in her 10 year career has worked with a variety of materials such as silver, glass, copper, wood and steel.

Her newest silver collection is what caught my eye. Named “Botanicals”, it captures the similarities between natures ephimerial beauty and the human form.

[ image property of Alicia Mannix ]

image property of Alicia Mannix

She is registered with the Crafts Council of Ireland, but from what I can tell does not have an online shop.  Her prices range from €26 – €250 and she can be contacted through email: info@alicia.ie or through her beautiful website: www.alicia.ie

She also teaches classes at The PMC Studio in England.

Artist statement
I want my jewellery to be treasured as a handmade item, knowing that each piece has been created uniquely with a lot of care and attention. I want the person the piece adorns to feel the positive energy that has been put into its creation.

Me: loving it! Check her out.