February 25, 2010

I purchased at least one print for the studio.

It’s not even one of the ones I was trying to decide between, I just happened upon it. But, I’m so glad I did because I just love it!

It’s called Schismata and it’s by Justice of  Photosynthetic on Etsy, a wonderfully talented photographer from Ipswich in the UK.

The description and inspiration Justice used helped to seal the deal for me.

“Another study of a man-made surface in a state of decay and deterioration under the forces of nature, ‘Schismata’ is dilapidated paint on steel, corrosion, a lichen bloom…geometric and organic in counterpoint. Striation, erosion, disintegration, reconstruction, protection, addition…and the process of destruction over which we ultimately have no control.”

Now I must go find the perfect place for it!

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A Lovely Union

January 16, 2010

One of  my favourite artists Yellena James recently teamed up with Schoolhouse Electric Co. to create these stunning works of art.

I will take one of each please!

Read more from Yellena about the collaboration on her blog here.

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Artist Spot – Shayli Vere

August 25, 2009

Shayli Vere is a Canadian paper artisan and photographer. A recipient of several art, photography, film, media and paper grants, she explores creativity on many levels. In this post I am spotlighting her beautiful pulp painting pieces.  The feeling and texture she accomplishes is just beautiful.

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Artist Spot – Kathryn Dart

August 18, 2009

While going through my to-do list today, I noticed that I am still in need of several things if I am to attempt the one thing I’m really dying to try… encaustic painting.

I got my paints quite a while ago from this fabulous Etsy seller, Jaime Ribisi, who herself is a very talented and successful encaustic artist deserving of a post all her own. They are handmade, wonderful quality and in beautiful colours. I got my heatgun, brushes, tools, a few other basic things. But, I can’t for the life of me find an electric griddle pan anywhere on this stupid island. A used one, preferably. Anyone?

Anywho, it got me browsing encaustic artists and that is how I came upon Kathryn Dart, aka kbean on Etsy, and then I said to myself, “self, she would be perfect for your Artist Spot post”.


I just adore the depth and texture you get with wax. Oh please someone find me a griddle pan.

Artist Spot – Works in Progress

August 5, 2009

{please excuse my lack of posts the last few days. Had some personal, family stuff going on}

And now I bring you… Works in Progress!


Worksinprogress is a jewelry designer/photographer from North Carolina. She makes lovely, vintage inspired, feminine jewelry. She says she started as a photographer and slowly moved into jewelry making. She is talented in both these mediums. You can find her photography under the name KingdomByTheSea.


You can also find her at:



Just a minute… in July

July 23, 2009

Ponderosa birdsong by Julie Kaye

Ponderosa birdsong by Julie Kaye

Watching… True Blood and Whale Wars are my staples at the moment. I watch a  lot of movies too.

Making… well jewelry, of course. And soon this serving tray. :)

Listening… to my kitty cackle at the birds outside.

Drinking… still… probably too much coffee and not enough water.

Wanting… a proper desk.

Trying… to find my energy, again.

Play along?  :)