Handmade Holidays – Pinecone Ornaments

December 8, 2010

I have sort of a woodland thing going on with my tree this year and I was inspired to make some new ornaments with things I had on hand.

I used…

– some clay (I used DAS, but any air drying clay would do)

– a cookie/pastry cutter of choice

– a small dowel

– some small pinecones

– some string/ribbon for hanging

– paint (optional)

To make one of your own

1. roll out a bit of  clay and cut your shape from the clay with your cookie/pastry cutter

2. press the pinecones into the shape(s)

3. use the dowel to pierce a hole in the top for hanging

4. let it dry

5. file down any rough edges, an emery board will work

das ornaments drying

6. once dry, string your ribbon/twine through the hole you made earlier and secure with a simple knot

7. (optional)  I think these look pretty rad already, but I opted to paint the recesses a darker colour and then painted them all over in white)

handmade ornaments

8. be proud and admire your lovely new ornament!

I would love to know if you make some!!

I’m loving… Color Scheme Designer 3

November 8, 2010

This is a great, extremely useful free online tool for creating color schemes. There are many, many ways to configure your preferences and I’ve been playing with it for  a few days. It’s kind of a time suck. But, that’s ok!

Can see it being handy for many different applications. Check it out!

Color Scheme Designer 3.

My foray into stamp making

August 12, 2010

This whole adventure started because I wanted a stamp with my new logo, but while looking for custom handmade stamps and comparing prices I came to the conclusion that I could just make one. And it would be a lot more fun.

I found this basic tutorial and sought out my supplies.

I purchased my rubber material, called Speedy-Carve, and my lino cutting tool from Dharma Trading Co. I got the smallest size to start with which was a 3″x 4″ block for $2.99. And the shipping charges were also very reasonable.

speedy carve carving block

If you follow me on Twitter you already know that my first attempt at the logo came out… backwards.

But, my second attempt was much better and I’ve now made 5 stamps in total.

custom carved stamps

I managed to salvage the first bad logo stamp by carving into the reverse side to make that simple leaf outline stamp above. For anything very specific it’s best to go by image transfer, but I enjoyed just freehanding a design onto the rubber and going from there much more.

I didn’t have any scrap wood laying around so I used some thick cardboard for the backing. It’s not very pretty, but it works grand for me.

I still have quite a bit of rubber left from that small block I purchased, so depending on the size of your stamps, you can get quite a lot from one little block.

You can also carve into rubber erasers which is equally fun.

I had a lot of fun making these! If you haven’t tried stamp carving yet, I highly recommend it. It’s my new favourite hobby. After jewelry making, of course.

Look What I Made! – Recycled TP Roll Wall Art Sculpture

January 26, 2010

To make your own, follow this simple tutorial from Growing Up Creative.

I absolutely love this project!

In the tutorial, only the insides of the rolls are painted white. And I had intended to do mine that way as well because I do love the tan colour of the cardboard, but I found on our TP rolls there was some print from the manufacturer that I didn’t like so much. So, I opted to paint them all white.

After hours of trying to cover every nook and cranny with a paintbrush I finally realized that spraypaint would be much easier. And it looks much nicer. You can probably see in the top two photos that the paint is much more even than the bottom two photos that were done with a brush.

I’ve made about 3 different styles of these now and they look so cute when they are hung.  I just love them. I’ve always recycled our old TP rolls, but this is so much more fun!

I’m sure they would be fun for kids as well.

Look what I made! – Recycled phone book desktop organizer

January 6, 2010

It’s not as perfect and tidy as the original, but I think it turned out great and it serves it’s purpose.

You can make your own recycled phone book desktop organizer with this tutorial over at chica and jo.

Tutorial Tuesday – Wire Wrapped Bail

May 26, 2009

From the lovely Eni Oken.


This is a great, FREE tutorial for a wire wrapped bail to hang briolettes from the very talented Eni Okens Jewelry Lessons website.  It’s very easy to follow and is listed for beginners, but I agree, it gives a very delicate and intricate look.

Follow this link for a full list of instructions.

[Image and tutorial credit to Eni Oken]